Industrial flexible cable

Snoka cables is the fastest growing Company in the cable industries, offering the widest range of wires and cables. Snoka single and multi-core PVC industrial wires and cables find a wide range of applications in the control panel, appliances, machine tools, machinery and are used in almost every industry.

Conductor: The conductors are drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper, annealed and bunched together.

Insulation: Bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated in-house developed PVC compound having high insulation resistance value. The insulation process is carried out on modern high speed extrusion lines with high degree of accuracy, thus ensuring consistency in performance.

Sheathing : In case of multi core cables, the insulated cores are laid-up to form the core assembly. Sheathing is provided with specially formulated PVC compound to facilitate stripping as also to withstand mechanical abrasion while in use.                                     

Snoka cables PVC insulated industrial wires and cable single are manufactured as per IS:694, in single core size from 0.5 to 70 and multi core sheathed cables 0.5sqmm to 4 up to  5 cores. These cables sizes are ISI marked.

Core colours : 2 core-red, black. 3 corered, black, yellow/green. 4core: red, black, blue, yellow/green sheath colour: black