Building wires

Owing to consistent efforts of quality and providing the best, we have developed exhaustive range of domestic wires and cables suitable to Indian homes and varied condition. Manufactured with best quality of conductor (electrolytic grade copper, 1005 pure) and finest grade in-house developed PVC compounds, Snoka wires give maximum safety with no extra cost.





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FR & FRLS insulated building wires

Copper conductor PVC insulated wires are extensively used in residential and commercial buildings for power distribution. They are used in metal/ plastic conduits either embedded in plaster or fixed on walls.

The increase in the usage of electronic equipments leads to heavy concentration on electricity transmission, which leads to the risk of short –circuit.

Snoka cables with its enhanced fire retardant properties of PVC add special additives in the formulation of these wires. The oxygen index of normal FR & FRLS PVC is 25% while Snoka cables wires have 30% which increase its efficiency in fire fighting.

FR & FRLS PVC compounds have a high oxygen and temperature index. These properties help in restricting the spread of fire even at very high ambient temperature. These special compounds also offer high insulation resistance and dielectric strength.

Our ISI marked wires meet the largest requirements of IS 694 of flame retardant properties which means extra protection against shocks, short circuit and fires.

Snoka wires are energy efficient as only electrolytic copper conductor of 99.97% purity having very low resistance are used thus ensuring low energy losses.